Saturday, December 10, 2011

knitting around Subi

Through December, Captain Plaknit is travelling around Subi, meeting lots of great new people and installing the bright and joyful knitting of the Knit-a-wish project! Have you seen it?!

Some very sweet little people got creative at the Subi Farmers Markets today and decorated this tree. It was a gorgeous day for sitting in the shade chatting to people of all ages!

The results of our fun knitting picnic are installed! Now a very comfy and colourful chair ...

This week I also popped down to Forrest Walk, where kids were writing letters to Santa, getting ther faces painted, and sucking lollipops! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet you at the Station

If you are down at the station - Subiaco Train Station that is - check out the poles yarn tagged for Knit-a-wish! They have got lots of great comments from passers-by, and people love to stop and feel the beautiful hand-knitted pieces. HUGE thanks to the wonderful and clever and very kind Emi, of Thimbles and Soup for her assistance in stitching up the yarn tags at a busy train station in the heat! xx

ps - how cute is this baby llama?!?! The petting zoo was right near the train station at the Subi Festival :)

Subi Primary Knit up a storm!

After 8 exciting workshops with students at Subiaco Primary School, the fence at the front of the school was yarn tagged - with much enthusiasm! - by the participants. Spot the Christmassy words, trees, angels, and stars. It was such a pleasure to work with these kids, and finger-knitting is now the new fad at school!  Drive past a take a look! 

Picnic time!

I was truly impressed with all of the City of Subiaco staff who joined in the Knit-a-wish picnic, created metres of finger-knitting and yarn tagged the park bench! Thank you!

Forrest Walk

Last Thursday night, Rokeby Rd came alive with festivities! Despite the heat, there was a great crowd at Subiaco Festival. Knit-a-wish moved into Forrest Walk and started by yarn-tagging a pole. More going up soon - watch this space!