Sunday, October 16, 2011

finger knitting good!

It has been a month since I started every Saturday at the Subi Farmers Market. It is a delightful atmosphere - friendly people, lots of happy kids, delicious smells, bright colours, great live music . . . .

Each week there are some regulars, and some newbies who join in the Knit-a-wish project. This week for the first time, there were a group of boys who joined in for hours and were quite competitive about how much finger knitting they had done in what time!

G is a regular, and she is working on a gorgeous crochet granny square, with great skill.

The collection box in the Subiaco Library is filling up too! I am putting up a display in the library this afternoon, with some new books all about yarn bombing, knit graffiti, or what ever you choose to call it. Please pop in and have a look!

A lovely friend, Thimbles and Soup, is joining the project to work with me on putting some Knit-a-wish Kits together for group s in the community to use and join in. We are taking a good look around the City of Subiaco community to find the ideal locations to decorate - watch out for the Knit-a-wish tags!

I also met with another friend, and keen yarn bomber, N, who is working on a knitted 'Knit-a-wish' sign! We 'yarned' over breakfast yesterday, while I crocheted together the finger knitting that has been created so far.

My task this week is to book in some workshops with schools and community groups to tell them about the project - and get them involved by covering a local landmark in yarn creations of course! I am really looking forward to it!