Tuesday, November 29, 2011

knit-a-wish contributions

Coming in in bundles are lovely creations for many inspired community members! Thank you muchly to all the lovely and talented people who have taken part in our project. xox

captain plaknit's  giant granny square!

more granny patterns! made by the lovely emi @ thimbles and soup :) 

beautiful work of 3 women i met at the subi farmers markets

stripey knitted panels, made with love, by mildred!

awesome knit-a-wish knitted sign made by nadine, over at loopopoly :) 

finger knitting from subi primary students 

more finger knitting, made at the subi farmers market!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Library Display!

I spent an enjoyable afternoon in the Subiaco Library setting up the Knit-a-wish display! We have had a number of generous donations of yarn, as well as many yarn creations! Pictures of those soon!

The display highlights some of the library's knitting and crochet books, as well as some 'knit-kits' to encourage people to get involved in the Knit-a-wish project.