Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Knit-a-wish @ Subi Farmers Market

Saturday was our first Knit-a-wish workshop. What a buzzing community atmosphere it is at Subi Farmers Market! It was such a vibrant place to be, and great to meet many local people who are keen knitters! A huge thank you to all those who joined in the fun and created finger knitting with us. Here are a few pictures of what was created just on our first session!

A collection box - for donations of red and green yarn, as well as Christmas creations (knitted, crocheted, french knitting, finger knitting, etc all accepted!) - will be in the Subiaco Library shortly.

Knit-a-wish will be at the Subi Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am til midday until December, so please come and join in or come and say hello!